Who We Are


Global Ties ABQ contributes to world peace by creating global connections among the people of New Mexico and emerging leaders from around the world. We do this through international exchange programs, local educational programs, and international community-building activities.


We are the leader in creating meaningful global engagement and building professional networks to advance Albuquerque, NM as a thriving international city.

Core Values

Respect for the cultural diversity of all.

Integrity that holds us accountable for providing service of the highest quality to our visitors, partners, and stakeholders.

Volunteerism and Community Engagement that celebrates citizen diplomacy in action.


Global Ties ABQ, previously known as the Albuquerque Council for International Visitors (ACIV), for a number of years operated as an informal, ad-hoc group of people welcoming foreign visitors sent to Albuquerque by the U.S. Department of State. ACIV was established in the early 1980’s by Annette Marrs.  Because of the growth and demand to send visitors to Albuquerque, The ACIV was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 in 1984 and the first annual meeting was held in 1985. Since then we have programmed over 1500 projects with various countries and hosted more than 5000 visitors.

In 2011 ACIV, led a number of local international organizations in hosting a Community Summit on Citizen Diplomacy attended by more than 200 people. In 2015, the Albuquerque Council for International Visitors became Global Ties ABQ.

Past Presidents

Annette Marrs, Shirley Suttman, Dallas Johnson, Barbara Henrickson, David Hsi, Gerard Kaye, Ferne Graves, Douglas Barr, Jack Newman, Bill Yarnall, Gertrude Ferriman, Grace Nelson, Dave Zilenziger, Al Mathewson, John Hooker, Stephen Helgesen, Susan Severt, Carol Yarnall, Alexandra “Sandy” Steen, and Lisa Marbury.

Our Bylaws – Approved September 2017

What We Are Apart Of

Global Ties U.S.

Global Ties ABQ is a member of Global Ties US. We are one of 92 community organizations in the nation that implement the prestigious U.S. State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in the U.S. Global Ties U.S. has an impressive alumni roster of more than 350 current and former heads of state worldwide, including Britain’s Margaret Thatcher and Mexico’s Felipe Calderon.  These leaders have developed close ties to the United States through their experience as IVLP participants, and the Global Ties network has played a significant role in shaping international relations for 75 years.  In New Mexico alone,  Global Ties ABQ has hosted over 5,300 visitors since its inception, including such notables as Germany’s Christian Wuiff, Malawi’s Joyce Banda, Mexico’s Felipe Calderon, Australia’s Julia Gillard, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Tawakkol Karman. For more information about IVLP please visit the Programs section.

The Albuquerque Community

Albuquerque is the largest city of New Mexico, with a population of nearly 600,000. As a former colony of Spain, Albuquerque is one of the oldest cities in the United States and was founded in 1706.  Albuquerque has retained much of its Hispanic culture and is very proud of the rich history and cultural diversity found in nearly every part of the city. While it was originally a Spanish colony, the area around Albuquerque is populated by Native American communities called Pueblos.  Pueblo culture and art is preserved and remains an heavily influence in architecture around the city to this day. We bring about 350 International Leaders a year to Albuquerque to meet with their counterparts in our community.  These visitors have the opportunity to connect with the many Albuquerque experts in: Cultural Preservation, Health, Rule of Law, NGO Management, Journalism and much more.