Advancing Minority Rights

June 13 - June 17

Global Ties ABQ is proud to host an IVLP program on ADVANCING MINORITY RIGHTS. We welcome 9 visitors from Albania, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. This program will focus on the following objectives outlined by the US State Department:

• Examine U.S. and international initiatives to promote and protect the human rights of minority communities;
• Explore equal access to educational, economic and healthcare opportunities for citizens from minority communities;
• Analyze the legislative framework that ensures equal rights for minority communities;
• Present different political and social perspectives on ethnic, cultural, gender, racial and religious minority community rights; and
• Observe how organizations monitor, influence and advocate for human and civil rights policy at the local, state, national, and international levels.

The delegation will be here from June 13-17, 2018 and will be networking with local resources. If you would like to get involved please check out our “Get Involved” link or contact us at 505-888-1867.