Education, Entrepreneurship and Community Development: Engaging the African Diaspora and Indigenous Communities Across the Americas

February 07 - February 13

We will be welcoming a delegation from Central and South America who will be looking at how New Mexico promotes access to better education, entrepreneurship, and community development opportunities to Native Americans and the African diaspora communities. Visitors will meet with Laguna Pueblo, the NM Office for African American Affairs, the African American Culture Association, Americans for Indian Opportunity, Siembra Leadership High School, the Native American Community Academy, and Native American Voters Alliance.

The Department of State has outlined the following specific objectives for the project:

• Explore the role of small business owners in driving economic development, democratization, and stabilization;

• Examine the contributions of African-Americans and Indigenous peoples to the community, the economy, education, and politics;

• Discuss national, state, and local government policies and legal mechanisms that advance access to economic opportunities highlighting the evolution of the job market in the United States and how higher education and vocational schools prepare individuals to join the workforce; and

• Explore strategies to promote public-private partnerships that advance education and business opportunities.

To learn more or to engage with this group, please contact us.