Global Health – Building Country Capacity

May 17 - May 22

Global Ties ABQ welcomes 5 visitors from Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Mongolia, Russia to examine local efforts to manage health problems. Visitors will have the opportunity to network with professional local organizations and discuss global health issue affecting general populations. This program will focus on the following objectives outlined by the US State Department:

• Promote international cooperation on the common challenges facing the global community in preventing, treating, and managing health problems affecting general populations, such as infectious diseases, cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and HIV related illnesses;

• Examine state and local efforts aimed at preventative screening and wellness programs including those that promote maternal and child health;

• Assess public awareness campaigns and outreach efforts about health issues impacted by economic downturns, poverty and other external challenges that affect health care delivery systems;

• Network with professional counterparts (both U.S. and international) to increase information sharing and to promote transparency in discussing global health issues; and

• Examine the role of university teaching and research facilities in developing capacity.

The delegation will be here from May 17-22, 2018 and will be networking with local resources. If you would like to get involved please check out our “Get Involved” link or contact us at 505-888-1867.