June 14 - June 19

Global Ties ABQ is proud to host an IVLP program on WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS, this is a regional project with visitors from the Western Hemisphere including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, and Venezuela. This program will focus on the following objectives outlined by the US State Department:

• Examine the role of government, the private sector, business and women’s networks, and non governmental organizations in promoting the development of women owned businesses;
• Explore the role of women owned businesses in driving economic development, democratization and stabilization around the world; and
• Highlight the social, economic and political factors that influence and encourage the development of private enterprise in the U.S.

The delegation will be here from June 14-19, 2018 and will explore efforts to advance entrepreneurship in multicultural environments, while preserving and supporting traditional crafts and trades. They will network with local resources such as Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins, Creative Startups, ACCION New Mexico, Street Food Institute (SFI), Local Entrepreneurs, MANA de Albuquerque, and Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails (GSNMT). If you would like to get involved please check out our “Get Involved” link or contact us at 505-888-1867.