The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) successfully launched in 2016 after a small pilot program. Global Ties ABQ is one of the implementing partners for the YLAI program and we are pleased to have another 10 young leaders with us this year (2017). These young leaders come from Latin America, the Caribbean, and South America to gain exposure with networks and resources that they can utilize to transform their societies and contribute more fully to economic development, prosperity, human rights, security, and good governance in and around their countries. During their time in Albuquerque the 10 young leaders will have specific training and develop tools with local companies that are similar to their home organization.

The following are the 10 young leaders that Global Ties ABQ is proud to host:

Angelica Hearne (Argentina) is the Founder of Angelica H., a tailor-made leather bag company where clients can customize the bag designs. Angelica has experience working at Nestle, IBM, and Mañana Profesional, an Argentinian magazine for entrepreneurs. She also volunteers for Techo where she is building houses for families in underserved areas. She also works with Banco de Alimentos, a food donation program. Angelica received her BA in Business from the Universidad de San Andrés. Angelica will be hosted by LIVE LOVE ABQ, a local business that hopes to inspire love for the city of Albuquerque. 

Marco Angioluci (Brazil) is the Founder of Desempenho Máximo Acompanhamento Escolar, which provides low-cost and high-quality learning opportunities in mathematics for people in Brazil through individualized tutoring. Previously, Marco worked in human resources at Arpex Capital and on the Search and Selection of Entrepreneurs team at Endeavor Brazil, where he was responsible for a sales routine and conducting interviews, among other tasks. Marco will be hosted by Beyond Reading, accelerated tutoring lab focused on helping students reach their reading and math potential.

Daniela Berrio (Colombia) is the Co-Founder and General Manager of Casa Articulada Hostel and Artistic Residencies. The hostel aims to show foreigners the real culture of Colombia by providing a collaborative art space and connecting guests with local artists. Daniela previously worked as a Residence Coordinator at Campos de Gutierrez, an arts residency program and ceramics studio, and as an Art Teacher at Centro Colombo Americano. She has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes. Daniela will be hosted by Route 66 Hostel, Albuquerque’s one and only hostel. She will also be co-hosted by the Downtown Arts and Cultural District

Marie Flore Morett (Haiti) is the founder of Délices de Marie Flore Morett. The bakery seeks to empower female employees to help them forge a path in Haiti. Marie previously worked as an administrator for Mediacom. She holds a Professional Diploma in Computer Graphics and Publishing from the Centre Informatique de Recherches et de Formation. Marie will be working alongside Rebel Donut, which offers handcrafted donuts, kolaches, & locally roasted coffee made fresh every morning, guaranteed to bring out your rebel.

Karla Inestroza (Honduras) is the founder of Honduran Physicians for Medical Brigades, an organization that allows medical brigades to work alongside a local, bilingual physician. The goal of this organization is to provide medical brigades with an individual who is familiar with the local health system and local diseases. Karla also works as a General Physician at the Honduran National Northwest Hospital Mario Catarino Rivas. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras. Karla will be working with Valley Community Interpreters, a provider of medical interpreters here in Albuquerque. 

Juan Ma Arellano (Mexico) is the Founder of Medicheck, a company that incorporates technology into health care practices. Medicheck’s objective is to establish a bilateral communication solution on a digital platform for doctors and their patients. Juan also previously started a video editing company and is actively involved in volunteerism in his community. He holds an MD from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. Juan will be hosted by Matterform, a software development business designed to help small businesses do their best. 

Damaris Guardado (Nicaragua) is the co-founder of Purpose Driven Tours, a company offering tours of Leon, Nicaragua. Purpose Driven Tours provides customers with a unique visiting experience by working directly with people from rural communities, giving visitors the opportunity to learn from locals. A portion of the profits are used to support social projects, including English and environmental classes. Damaris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from The National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. Damaris is placed with EcoTripMatch, a site that matches prospect tourists to their perfect eco-tourism destination.

Jason Jones (Suriname) is the Founder and CEO of Brilliant, a company that connects young people to businesses that need services, such as content writing, software development, or graphic design. In an effort to decrease the number of college dropouts in the community, Brilliant will connect students with part-time jobs they can do remotely. Jason has also worked on website design and development at Rosheuvel & Partners Business Group. He is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences. Jason will be hosted by CNM’s STEMulus Center, as part of CNM Ingenuity. 

Ana Karina Fuentes (Venezuela) is the Co-Founder and CEO of DonaMed Venezuela, which is dedicated to collecting donations of medicine and other medical supplies. In addition to running DonaMed, Ana is also the CEO of Proyecto Positivamente, which develops web platforms to encourage social action. She also has experience in sales and graphic design. Ana received her Associate’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing from the Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Industrial Rodolfo Loero Arismendi. Ana will be working with Roadrunner Food Bank, an organization that works to feed New Mexico’s hungry. 

Miguel Perez Ramos (Venezuela) is the Founder and Executive Director of MFL Academy, which aims to provide high-quality foreign language training for students of all ages. In addition to the MFL Academy, Miguel is the Communications Coordinator for Venezuela TESOL, a non-profit organization aimed at developing expertise in English-language teaching and learning. He received his BA in Education and English as a Foreign Language from the Universidad de Carabobo. Miguel will be hosted by CNM’s Global Education Office, which promotes Global Engagement on CNM campus and in our Community.


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