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Home Hospitality

Home Hospitality is a great way to introduce our foreign guests to the cultures and customs of the U.S.  Home hosts come from a variety of backgrounds – some are students, others are working professionals while some are retired. The most important goal of home hosting is for international visitors to get a glimpse into the lives of everyday Americans and to experience genuine hospitality.

  • Welcome 1-4 international visitors into your home for an evening meal. Dinners can be as simple as a pizza party with several neighbors or as elaborate as a themed dinner. (We do not recommend taking visitors to restaurants, but please ask staff if this is the only option for you.)
  • Home hosts are given the biographies of each visitor as well as a list of their dietary restrictions at least a week in advance or as soon as the information becomes available.

For more information please read the complete Home Hospitality Guide below:

Hospitality Guide 2016

Guía en español (2016)

Local Liaison

Interested in learning more about the Albuquerque Community while engaging with international emerging leaders from all corners of the globe? Well sign up to be a Global Ties Local Liaison! As a Local Liaison, you will provide visitors the most opportunity for them to ask their questions about American/New Mexican culture and about New Mexico. It is a very enriching experience for Local Liaisons too, who learn a lot about other countries and cultures. As a Local Liaison you also get to meet local experts and community leaders. It’s a great way to learn more about the Albuquerque community and the many people working to make it a better place!

  • Local Liaisons are provided with the itinerary and attend all professional appointments or can go with the visitors on cultural days, doing the usual tourist activities. Local Liaisons spend the most time with our international visitors!
  • To be a Local Liaison, you need to be able to meet the visitors at their hotel but transportation is provided. You also need to be able to devote the whole day to the group.

For more information please read the complete Local Liaison Guide below:

Local Liaison Guide 2018

Guía en español (2018)

Questions? Call Global Ties ABQ at 505-888-1867 or email us at

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