Welcome to Serbian Delegation

Global Ties ABQ is excited to announce that we will be hosting a delegation of six officials from Serbia from May 21 – 28, 2022 through the Congressional Office for International Leadership (COIL).

The delegates will be meeting with New Mexico experts and leaders on the topic of "Economic Development through Preservation of Cultural Heritage".

The purpose of this exchange is "to expose Serbian participants to the U.S. experience in leveraging cultural heritage, including a country’s or region’s historical sites and traditions, to attract more visitors of various ages (both domestic and international), promote an area’s economic development, and provide an enriching, educational experience. Serbia’s rich cultural heritage resources presents itself as a strategic tool in this vein. This country has rich, vibrant musical and other artistic traditions. Serbian partners have already recognized its world-class Roman ruins and other historical sites to be of great value in terms of promoting cultural heritage tourism and generating revenue. However, more can be done to increase the number of visitors, and thereby promote local economic growth, as well as improve the educational experience."

Global Ties ABQ provides weekday programming from Monday through Friday, including professional meetings with local leaders and interactive visits to museums and cultural sites. Transportation for these weekday visits and lunch are also provided Monday through Friday.

Who are the Serbian Delegates?

Professionals in the field of cultural preservation including:

  • Professional ExpResearcher of Cultural Development, Institute for Cultural Development Research
  • Senior Curator/ International Cooperation, The Museum of African Art
  • Museum Educator, The Gallery of Matica Srpska
  • Program Coordinator, The Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route, Danube Competence Center
  • CEO / Creative Director, Dework Creative Design Studio

Key interests of this delegation include:

  • Cultural heritage
  • Collaborative networks and U.S. partners
  • Contributions of museums to the community
  • Developing international ties through public education
  • Privilege, inclusion, and sharing diverse perspectives
  • Creation of cultural heritage programs
  • Culture and sustainable development
  • Expanding international interest in local culture
  • Tourism packages
  • Large scale cross-border cultural development
  • Multi-institution historical projects
  • Engaging local communities

A lake and a palace in Serbia

We are currently seeking home stay host applications from our community in Albuquerque.

Home stay hosts commit to providing their international guests with the following for one week from May 21 – 28, 2022: 

  • A private bedroom 
  • Breakfast and dinner 
  • Evening and weekend activities  
  • Transportation to and from the weekday drop off location on May 23 – 27 

Want to learn more?

Home stay hosts will receive detailed bios of our delegates once their application to host is accepted!

5 Benefits of Becoming a Home Stay Host

  1. Spend extended time with one of our delegates by hosting them in your own home 
  2. Experience personal cultural exchange and relationship-building 
  3. Engage in professional networking with officials from Serbia  
  4. Enjoy sharing your own family and community perspective and bonding with delegates on a deeper level
  5. Take the next step beyond home hospitality with your international guest as a home stay host!