Zennie Tran, Comms Intern

Meet Zennie Tran, New Communications Intern

My name is Zennie. I’m a student at the University of New Mexico, majoring in Organizational Communication Studies. I was born and raised in Vietnam, my parents always encouraged me to do my best in everything I do. They let me make my own choices and never pushed me toward a career goal. As I grew up in the United States, I noticed that Asian-American representation is among the most minor represented groups working in the Public Relations (PR) industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 6.2% of Asian Americans make up the PR industry in the U.S. As a member of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community, I believe this might open doors for me to work in the PR industry.

As I sought to gain knowledge in the PR industry, I was able to get the opportunity to be a part of the Global Ties ABQ team. I learned we were initially created to support the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) with the conviction to build stronger global alliances by connecting current and emerging foreign leaders with their American counterparts through short-term visit to the United States. And nearly 90 communities across the United States are connected to the world through our international exchange programs.

And as I got a chance to learn more about the IVLP, I have decided to be an Asian American representative in the PR industry to emphasize the work industry's power and influence. Being a member of the AAPI, I want to contribute my perspectives and experiences that I could share to enrich U.S communities, enhancing mutual understanding between the U.S and other nations. I also want to be a part of representing a voice for underrepresented groups. Overall, I believe the more diverse and inclusive the PR industry, the more rich and powerful we can get our messages across and strengthen our relationships with the rest of the world.