Entrepreneur at Trinity Accelerator

Q Station Hosts the Trinity Accelerator

The Trinity Accelerator is intended to empower collaborations between the federal government, industry, and academia in the spirit of how successful startup companies create value and generate new products for their customers with training on how to adapt those universal entrepreneurial concepts in a large organization for innovation and growth.

Program Details

  • Location: Q Station, 3225 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. The most value comes from being in person but some exceptions can be made for virtual attendance.
  • 40 Hours of Curriculum broken into 8 and 4 hour sessions over several weeks. (See cohort schedule for dates and details above).
  • 12 Participants per Cohort
  • Participants are from either industry, academia, or federal government.
  • No cost to participants. Funding for Trinity Accelerator generously provided by EDA (the U.S. Economic Development Administration).
  • Curriculum consists of live instruction on entrepreneurial and lean concepts and tools, talks from guest experts, group and individual exercises, and a final project.
  • Final Project. Participants will use the learned tools and techniques to:
    - Identify pains in their everyday lives – home, work, shopping, etc. – but related to a societal theme: energy, water, or security
    - Vote for their favorite pain,
    - Conduct customer discovery,
    - Develop their customers’ jobs-to-be-done,
    - Hypothesize a solution,
    - Develop a value proposition,
    - Develop a lean canvas model
    - Deliver a 5 minute pitch for their solution
    - Deliver a presentation on their journey from identifying the pain, customer discovery, pivots, hypothesis testing and validation, and solution