YTILI Old Town

First Impressions of Albuquerque

The Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative (YTILI) is the U.S. Department of State's flagship program, promoting mutual understanding, enhancing entrepreneurship and leadership skills, and building lasting partnerships between business leaders from Europe and the United States.

Global Ties ABQ is excited to welcome the YTILI fellows to Albuquerque to grow their ventures, establish global alliances, and positively impact their communities' economic development. And as well as we delighted to provide YTILI Fellows the opportunity to integrate their entrepreneurial skill and leadership mindset during their time here.

Speaking of what impressions did the YTILI fellows had in mind after a week of staying in Albuquerque and working together with Global Ties ABQ, we asked Ivan Ivanoski, a YTILI fellow, to tell us what was on his mind:

"—Albuquerque is different from what I'm used to. It's a huge territory. You got to get over by a car, but I'm riding a bus. —What I learned about businesses is that everybody wants to share everything and everybody wants to help you. And everybody will pursue any kind of connection and any kind of possibilities —that's what gives the edge to doing business in the United States. Probably that's why I think of the U.S. because of the most successful businessman in the world, so I will try to change my mindset."
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